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Great care and expert knowledge has gone into the design of our kennels to ensure that the special needs of animals in a sub tropical climate such as we experience here on the Costa Del Sol are taken into account, with emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation.

All the kennels have a sleeping area with their beds and blankets, out of the summer sun and winter drafts, off of this is their individual run, all the kennels have a view over either garden areas, the countryside or mountains. Heated kennels are available for clients who want this extra facility for their dogs.

Our intention was not to build a “doggy prison” as so many kennels are, where the unfortunate dogs can only look into a brick wall, at Cat and Dog World we like to give dogs a sense of secure freedom, they are able to see other dogs and watch our staff going about their daily routine which includes a lot of human contact and interaction with all the animals, this promotes a stress free and happy environment for the animals and makes their “holiday” with us enjoyable.